These postcards of Bogotá Chirriada, containing images of Bogotá and Colombia, are available for purchase

In Bogotá Chirriada we believe that the popular and traditional culture of our country must be retrieved. We aim to popularise the essence of Bogota’s and Colombia’s identity, speak about its people, their traditions and idiosyncrasies.

Where to find them?

Heartbeat: Calle 22 #8-60

Shuz Shuz: Carrera 13 #77-32

Saraswati: Calle 12c #3-07

Fondo de Cultura Económica:  Calle 11 #5-60

Bamba: Calle 119 # 6A-35

El Cuhitril: Carrera 6a #117-32

Soluciones: Carrera 5 #26c-17

La Local: Carrera 4a #26c-23

Ricardo Corazón de Papel: Calle 20 #3-29

Divino Zpirito: Carrera 13a #77a-38

La Peluquería: Carrera 3 #12d-83