Trip to the Guacheneque Moorland, the source of the River Bogotá

The source of the River Bogotá or River Funza is a forest reserve and an ancient sacred place where the Muiscas performed their rituals. It flows into the Magdalena, a major river of the country and hydrological source of the Bogotá’s savannah. Within the reserve, the Guacheneque or Valle Lagoon can be found, whose former size was 40 hectares. Story has it that it was an enchanted lagoon, many tried to plunder it and the lagoon defended itself by drowning the intruders in its deep waters.

Duration: 6 to 7 hours depending on the traffic on the road to and from northern Bogotá

Location: 18 kilometres/11 miles from Villa Pinzón, Cundinamarca

Schedule: 9am to 4pm

Daily tours available. Please make your booking 5 days in advance.

Tour includes:

  • ‘Chirriada’ experience
  • An element of surprise
  • Tour guide accompanying the entire trip

What to take:

  • Lunch to have by the Guacheneque Lagoon
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm and comfortable clothes, suitable for walking.



  • Bogotá Chirriada offers a transport service for  a group of maximum 13 people for $350.000 (Thirty five thousand Colombian Pesos). We will pick up all the passengers at an agreed meeting point at 9am, to leave for the Páramo de Guacheneque. Once the tour has finished, we will be collected and taken to the original pick up point.
  • Alternatively, you could hire your own transport service. Just note that you will have to count an extra passenger, since the guide will be with you during this journey.

Price for the guided tour: $300.000 (Three hundred Colombian Pesos) per group.

Difficulty level: Moderate. The hike is approximately 6 km long on flat terrain.

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Recommendations for appropriate behaviour in natural areas:

  • Follow the community’s or tour guide’s suggestions.
  • Walk on the trails.
  • Respect the signals and instructions.
  • Do not damage the plant species you find along the way.
  • Do not leave waste, take them back with you.
  • Do not start bonfires.
  • Avoid noises that can alter the wildlife’s environment.
  • Do not extract flora or fauna specimens.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Take enough water with you.
  • Do not take pets with you.