This tour around Bogotá takes place from 12 to 4pm

In the afternoon tour, we will begin by experiencing the traditional neighbourhood of La Perseverancia and end with a match of Colombia’s typical sport, Tejo.

The tour begins in the neighbourhood La Perseverancia, the first stop of the itinerary is at the ‘Perseverancia marketplace’ to have a delicious lunch. There will be plenty of choices among the thirteen menus, which include a great variety of authentic and traditional meals. Service is as wonderful as the taste you’ll get to savour.

Next in the tour, a visit to a local urban garden: the ‘Huerta Santa Helena’, in which you’ll be offered some delicious and natural desserts: vegetable and fruit jams and ice creams; innovative and original products that make a perfect mix to enjoy in a calm atmosphere.

Finally, the tour ends at the ‘tejo’ club ‘Los Búcaros’, where Colombia’s national sport is played. ‘Tejo’ is also known as the ‘explosive game’ or ‘la partida de Turmequé’, named after its place of origin: Turmequé, in the department of Boyacá. The game is always accompanied by cold lager beer, typical music like ‘carranga’ and plenty of fun.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

Schedule: 12m to 4pm

Meeting point: In front of the Museo Nacional (address: Carrera 7a #28-66)

The tour is available every day (No service on Sundays or Long Weekends).

Fee includes:

    • ‘Chirriada’ experience
    • Immersion and interaction with the local community
    • Tastings
    • An element of surprise
    • Expert guide accompanying the tour
  • Meeting members of the community to get first hand information about the stories and traditions of the different places and products.

To support the community we suggest that you pay for:

    • Lunch
    • Additional purchases
  • Beer

Price per person:

    • $70.000 (Colombian Pesos)
  • $60.000 (Colombian Pesos) Concessions: students with valid ID, children (up to 12 years old), and seniors (over 65 years old)

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