Bogotá Chirriada, an alternative social tourism experience in Bogotá

Alternative touristic Bogotá and its authentic sites

Bogotá Chirriada offers unique alternative and socially-oriented tour experiences in the Colombian capital. The main focus of our different circuits is to introduce you to Colombian popular culture, allowing you to get involved and interact with the communities we visit. In addition to coming into contact with local people and immersing yourself into the culture, you will live unforgettable experiences by exploring another side of Bogota and meeting typical places outside the conventional touristic area.


We invite you to explore another side of the city and its authentic sites. You will experience spontaneous manifestations of identity . Our purpose is to take you on an immersive journey into Bogotá’s popular culture.


We cherish and support the communities we visit and as well as seeking to retrieve its traditions. Our immersive tour experience allows you to interact with locals in each community.

Bogotá Chirriada for travellers not tourists:
  • Take our unique tours
  • Live moving experiences
  • Immerse yourself in popular culture
  • Interact with locals
  • Explore the other side of Bogotá
Why alternative and social tourism?

Socially-oriented tourism is Bogotá Chirriada’s raison d’être: we support the communities we visit. Alternative tourism is an innovative mechanism that allows a new ways to get a taste of the city.